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11 June 2009 @ 01:09 pm
REINA: 2008-02-12  


The Words of Pudding( ´―`)

It is Reina who rarely eats normal sweet stuff(´―`)

Secret desert... is it?

Will be continued at night (´―`)

The Words of TV( ´―`)

It is Reina who has recently become those who drink black coffee without sugar(´―`)

Me, I have stepped on the steps of an adult~ (´―`)

Just now I was watching MANS
This kind of chaotic casting is really the best na.

Everyone is like 'go forward, forward', the agressiveness was tremendous and I like it(´―`)

If I were to say one thing, I want to add Matsuko Derakkusu* san into the cast

* Matsuko Derakkusu is a commentator, columnist in Japan who crossdresses as women...

The Words of Pudding( ´―`) Continued

It is Reina who said "Let's have a long bath today!" and was enthusiatic, and then came out from the bath within 20 minutes, feeling dizzy(´―`)

Surely today will also be like that ne

Well then, once it's past 11 o'clock it's adult time

Please go to sleep, kids(´―`)

Well~ then, do you want to see the continuation of this afternoon, everyone~?


Do you~?


Yosh, finally I am opening to the public my favourite content (´―`)


The essential places were covered up already (´―`)

The image of readers becoming like angry mad keyboard crashers appear na


shinyafangirl on June 11th, 2009 05:26 am (UTC)
what..is that? xD oh the pudding? oh gosh lolol
i wish i wouldn't eat sweets too haha