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26 June 2009 @ 04:33 pm
Ruka: 2008-02-19  
Chief housewife

I wonder about when will I make something out of a recipe book since I love food(W∀●)
Living life by one's self is nice, it makes me feel that I can be spontaneous and remember the person I am.
Something I'm happy about is that I've learned to cook for myself.
In the afternoon and evening I watch shows that teach me how to do it so I can make it the next morning.
After reading that you probably think I'm a complete housewife (laughs)
Won't someone pleeease take me as their wife?(W∀●)

And, well, let's put that joke aside.

Lately I've been entering the studio alone to practice (because I don't have a very good place to play drums, do I...?)
When I get tired of just playing himeichigo songs, I'll occasionally wonder if I can copy others.
I turn my i-pod on shuffle and listen while copying.
This is surprisingly fun...
I always think playing an instrument is fun(W∀●)


Well my students! By the way, don't you want to know various things and details about Ruka-sensei!?(W∀●)


That's how it is... You don't even have a thing you're interested in...
Somehow when I read the atmosphere... Smiling, I was hoping that I'd get a blur of visitors saying "I want to knooow!"...
Because, well, I'm surprisingly naive, aren't I....?
And about this chat... I'm becoming irritated with it. Well, well, wellll.

Yeah. Well then, I think I want to get to the point.

For me, I really don't do well with sweet things. I don't often eat things that seem to be of the same family as snack pastries or chocolates.
I have a difficult time with the aftertaste that's left in my mouth.

But nevertheless. No matter how much time passes, something I'm bad with isn't something that is going to change much with time, I've come to hypothesize.

Sometimes when I was a kid the time would come when my parents would say "Look! Wether you like it or don't like it doesn't matter, eat the bell peppers!" and to make him mad I'd say "Even if you're my dad, I hate sweet foods, even if you get really mad at me~ even if you get really irritable~" and then he'd make me eat it, isn't that terrible?

Because of those sorts of things, I've taken a picture of the chocolate pastries I bought.
Green tea cheesecake... It seems I've eaten it.... It looks like it doesn't it.

Well then, let's chocolate.*





What is this absurd green tea cheesecake!!!!!
They failed at naming, those idiots!!

...Ruka-kun's challenge is to be continued...

*He typed this in katakana xD