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26 June 2009 @ 05:50 pm
Ruka: 2008-02-20  
Finishing touch

It's wonderful how much use I've gotten out of this wallet.

I've only had it for a little bit, but I've looked through it a lot and now it's worn out (laughs)
But until the time has come that I'm ready to get a new one, I'll have to suffer through it~

It would look something like this "Huh... This isn't my black wallet.... Right, I got a new one"

Incidentally, my cellphone is also worn out.
I lost the part that holds in the battery pack, so now I have none (laughs)

Ah.. When I think about it, everything around me is worn out... worn out


Things like that don't bother me.
I'm not really a very greedy person.
I think that only after a lot of thought do I get things to make sure they're absolutely essential.

If the five members of hime ichigo were put onto a deserted island, I have confidence I'd only bring what I need to survive (laughs)

I want to see someone live live on a deserted island(W∀●)
It be breathtaking to drift there, wouldn't it? (laughs)

Gyouza feast

Hey... look at this
What do you think this is?

It's "gyouza". G-y-o-u-z-a*
There won't be very many left.....

In my neighborhood's supermarket I found these suspicious creatures... Against my better judgement, I bought them....

And it said "Steak Gyouza" with a subtitle that said ~Extremely Juicy~

...Wh(W∀●)what a good taste for naming.....
Steak gyouza better have juicy meat... heheh

I didn't have have any choice but to buy it. Ordinarily it's more expensive....

Anyway, I made them as soon as I got home.

Yeah It's so good I don't remember what sadness is (laughs)

Well, I can (probably) cook anything in a covered pan perfectly.

However... Because all I have in my house are small plates, I had no choice but to leave the arrangement in a state of emergency.

Reluctantly, I put them in a donburi bowl.
It's the world's first "gyouzadon".**

No... "Gyouzadon" ~Extremely Juicy~ perfection!!

So now I place iiiiiit

in my mouth


(W∀●)This isn't extremely juicy...

Ke... There are only liars on this planet, those idiots!

...Ruka-kun's struggle is to be continued...