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28 July 2009 @ 07:50 pm
SUZUYA: 2009-07-05  

It has become 5th July.

Today we assemble at Harajuku.

You guys had better come or it'll be the death penalty.

Immediately, come.

Well then.

I'll take a shower.

Let's Restrain

My hair dried.

As compared to the normal OoLong tea, I like the black kind.

The taste is strong, and when eating oily stuff it's perfectly compatible.

Well then.

The item I asked from the shop of a certain favorite but little visited place of mine, is troubling me as to what to do of whether it's been sent over.

Well then.

Only A Little

I wonder if I'm a little too early.

Well then.



From now it'll be makeup.

By the way, the project after the stamp rally is, because the stamp rally was able to finish in order, you can enter the area.

So won't it'll be okay if you assemble early~?

Well then.


I'm readily prepared.

The fact that I'll be able to meet you guys makes me happy.

Good Job Harajuku.

Thank you for today na.

I was happy that there were that many people who came.

Whether it's looking for the members, or enjoying the project, if you were glad I have nothing more to say.

Well, there were also those who couldn't read the atmosphere and thus relied on others. Though I have to praise you guys who strictly abided to the manners.

Please take care of us from now onwards too.

Because of the sale of the minialbum, there's a rush of shows, and in stores.

We won't be defeated but rather are prepared to be violent.

Before this we couldn't act violently and stylishly na.

Well then take care on the way back na.